2019 games that won’t live up to the hype

Rage 2 made its official debut in May 2018, surprising the gaming community at large. Big guns, big cars, and big ego define this sequel’s identity, per the bombastic trailer set to Andrew W.K.’s “Ready to Die.” The game follows its predecessor Rage, a 2011 shooter that emphasized vehicular combat in a post-apocalyptic world. Considering id’s track record with first-person shooters and Avalanche’s work on the 2015 game Mad Max, the development team seems like a match made in heaven.

However, ask yourself, how many people were clamoring for a sequel to Rage? For the most part, the game was lost to the sands of time because of its bland gameplay and aggressively brown visuals. While Rage 2 learned its lesson in the visuals department, the gameplay still relies on the same shooting and driving mechanics that made the first game so forgettable. At its core, nothing significant has changed, and if that’s the case, the outlook for the game looks bleak.

Publisher Bethesda Softworks is no stranger to good first-person shooters, considering it published id’s own wildly successful Doom reboot in 2016. However, they might have it wrong with Rage 2, which has too much to prove. Unfortunately, based on the gameplay footage that has been released, Rage 2 looks fine but too easily comparable to its bland predecessor.

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