Celebs who can’t stand Howard Stern

In March 2017, a photo of actor Russell Crowe began making the rounds. It featured him kicking around a rugby ball, enjoying a spot of warm weather in Australia. The photo made it look like Crowe, who was dressed in a baggy tank top and shorts, had packed on a few pounds since 1992’s Romper Stomper. The tabloids subsequently had a field day, with Page Six nicknaming the Gladiator star “Maximus drink-imus.” Multiple outlets reported that Howard Stern called out Crowe’s weight on his show, emphasizing that, while he put in the required effort “to stay thin and in shape,” Crowe had simply become a “big fatso.”

Once this was brought to Crowe’s attention by a concerned fan on Twitter, the actor shot down Stern’s taunting commentary with a tweet of his own, writing, “I can bench press young Howard … he cannot say the same.” Since so many people made a fuss about Stern’s coarse comments, the radio host felt inclined to set the record straight in a subsequent April broadcast, crowing, “I didn’t body-shame Russell Crowe!” 

For the record, Stern’s original commentary included such observations as, “I’ve met [Crowe] personally — very nice guy. But he’s big and fat.”

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