Games you didn’t realize were part of a series

When game critics talk about the greatest RPGs ever made, the original PlayStation’s Xenogears often shows up as part of the conversation. It was brought into the world by Square in 1998, and it had the distinct honor of starting out first as the original premise for Final Fantasy VII and, later, the sequel to SNES classic Chrono Trigger. Eventually, though, it was allowed to become its own game, and in time, it achieved a devoted following that it still enjoys to this day.

But did you know that Xenogears was not the only game in the series? It may seem that way due to the first game’s immense popularity. But there are other games that take place in that same world, and some of them have been released more recently than you may think.

All of the Xenosaga games, which include three mainline entries and a mobile title, are also part of the Xeno universe at large. And the Xenoblade Chronicles titles, which got their start on the Wii and appeared most recently on the Nintendo Switch, are also part of Xeno canon.

Simply put: if you see Xeno in the title of a game, there’s a good chance it’s a descendant of Xenogears.

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