The untold truth of Derek Jeter’s wife

Hannah Jeter had heard of the Yankees baseball team and, of course, its star player, Derek Jeter. Still, she didn’t pay much attention to the sport because “baseball wasn’t really ‘a thing'” where she grew up, according to a feature she penned for her husband’s website, The Players’ Tribune. She met “Mr. November” during the off-season, which allowed them to spend a lot of time together without his job getting in the way. “I had met the nicest guy,” she said, “and I wanted to get to know him on my own terms. Not Google’s.”

Once baseball season picked up again, she went to Yankee Stadium to finally watch him in action. “You have to understand: Up to that point, I’d only really known him as Derek, this great guy I was dating. This was the first time that I’d seen him as Derek Jeter: a New York icon, a Yankees hero,” she explained. When she realized her boyfriend was kind of a big deal, Hannah didn’t really know how to feel about it. “I thought, Here’s this guy, who I go home and watch TV and order takeout with — and the rest of the world feels like they have a piece of him too. It was strange. I didn’t know how to reconcile it all,” she wrote.

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Khloe splits with Tristan for cheating with Kylie’s BFF

It’s officially over between Khloé Kardashian and her longtime boyfriend, NBA star Tristan Thompson.

According to a TMZ exclusive, published on Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star reportedly called it quits with the Cleveland Cavaliers player after he was allegedly caught cheating again — this time with younger sister Kylie Jenner‘s BFF, model Jordyn Woods.

Sources cited by the gossip rag have claimed that Thompson, 27, and Woods, 21, were reportedly spotted “snuggled up” together and “making out” at a party held at a Los Angeles home on Sunday evening, Feb. 17. For her part, Kardashian, 34, has reportedly “had enough” of her now ex-beau’s reported behavior and split up with him for good after learning of the alleged hookup.

At the time of this writing, Jenner, 21, and Woods have yet to publicly comment on the reports. However, Thompson called the rumors “fake news” in a since-deleted tweet (via E! News). Meanwhile, Kardashian and her crew appeared to confirm the infidelity speculation in the comments section of a Hollywood Unlocked Instagram post regarding the breakup. According to E! News, best friend Malika Haqq simply wrote, “STRONG FACTS,” in response to the news, while the Good American businesswoman shared multiple shouting emojis.

As Nicki Swift previously reported, Thompson was hit with several cheating allegations just two days before he and Kardashian welcomed their first child together, daughter True, in April 2018. Despite the high-profile scandal, the couple quietly stayed together and worked on their reportedly “fractured relationship” as they continued to split their time between Los Angeles and Cleveland, Ohio.

While much has been made about their relationship status in the press since last spring, a source cited by Us Weekly in early December 2018 claimed that Kardashian and Thompson were “actively trying” for baby no. 2. “Khloé loves being a mom. She wants True to have a sibling,” the insider told the magazine, adding, “In her mind, she and Tristan are fine.”

However, rumors of an impending breakup began to surface yet again earlier this month, after the proud parents noticeably hadn’t been seen together in public in weeks. “[Kardashian has been] living and behaving as a single mother,” an insider told Us Weekly on Friday, Feb. 15, while another noted that the reality TV star hadn’t “traveled to Cleveland in awhile.”

The news of the former couple’s split comes just days after conflicting reports on whether Thompson flew out from C-Town to spend Valentine’s Day with Kardashian and 10-month-old True at their shared home in Los Angeles. However, he did gift the E! star with a floral arrangement to mark the occasion (via Us Weekly), while the Revenge Body star made headlines for posting some pretty cryptic posts on her Instagram Stories. “Sometimes God breaks your heart to save your soul,” one quote read, according to the magazine. Kardashian shared in another, “Today shouldn’t be the day you finally get the love you deserve.”

Through this months-long headline-making ordeal, Kardashian has remained focused on motherhood while continuing to make daughter True her number one priority. “I chose to put my feelings aside for the birth and to try and have as much positive energy that I could,” she tweeted in November 2018, after KUWTK began covering Thompson’s cheating scandal. “My only thought was about the birth of my daughter. I wasn’t going to let ANYONE disrupt anything less than what she deserved. Joyous love. I chose to be mature & strong for True.” 

Kardashian added, “I waited for this day for so many years! I know now, looking back that I was in shock because I couldn’t believe that this would ever happen to me but I’m still very proud of myself for how I handled everything. True gave me the peace and strength I needed.”

Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t sound like this is going to change as she and Thompson navigate how to co-parent little True amid their highly-publicized split. According to a source cited by Us Weekly on Wednesday, Feb. 20, “Tristan isn’t too worried about not seeing True, or Khloé establishing new rules when it comes to coparenting. He honestly doesn’t really care and was over it. He was never trying to win Khloé back.” The insider went on to claim, “Tristan’s friends are all just thinking, ‘What an idiot.'” Yikes.

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How Kylie Jenner feels about BFF Jordyn Woods’ cheating

Kylie Jenner must be in quite the tricky situation, after basketball pro Tristan Thompson allegedly cheated on her sister Khloé Kardashian with her best friend Jordyn Woods.

On Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019, Thompson and Woods made headlines after they were reportedly seen making out at a party the previous weekend. Afterwards, Woods allegedly went to Thompson’s house for a “secretive” party, where she reportedly stayed until the early morning (via E! News). According to TMZ, Kardashian learned of Thompson and Woods’ behavior and ended her relationship with the athlete, with whom she shares daughter True. And while we can assume that Kardashian must be distraught by her boyfriend’s infidelity and a family friend’s betrayal, how does Kylie Jenner feel about all of this? After all, she’s super close with Woods and has been for a long time.

Well, E! News reports that Woods’ cheating with Thompson crossed a line that can’t be uncrossed, and the Kardashian-Jenner family is apparently done with her. “The whole family is writing Jordyn off,” a source told the publication. And Jenner reportedly had a hard time coming to terms with Woods’ actions, as an insider shared that she “was in denial for days.” Furthermore, Jenner has found herself to be “very torn on how to handle the situation.” Makes sense, especially considering that she and Woods appeared to be much more like family than friends. As noted by E! News, Woods lives in Jenner’s guest house and is referred to as “Auntie Jordyn” to Jenner’s daughter, Stormi, whom Jenner shares with rapper Travis Scott.

However, Jenner has reportedly made at least one move to distance herself from Woods: She’s unfollowed Woods on Instagram, according to Page Six. And she’s not the only one to do so. Jenner’s sisters — Khloé, Kim, Kourtney, and Kendall — have all unfollowed Woods on the social media platform. While it’s not reportedly known if mama Kris Jenner ever followed Woods on Instagram, she’s definitely not following her now.

Woods, however, is reportedly still following the famous family on social media.

At the time of this writing, neither Kylie Jenner nor Jordyn Woods have publicly spoken out about the alleged cheating. Still, something tells us that we’ll learn more about it one way or another — probably on the Kardashian-Jenner clan’s ever-popular reality TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

As noted by Metro, Jenner and Woods have been friends since their school days, having bonded as teens. They’re said to have met through rapper-actor Will Smith’s family in 2013. Woods has reportedly considered the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star to be her “uncle” and Jenner has been friends with Smith’s son, Jaden.

Woods and Jenner have been through a lot together. Woods has worked with Jenner on the celeb’s Kylie Cosmetics makeup line, collaborating on a lip kit, and was with Jenner when she learned that she was pregnant with her first child.

After her father passed away in January 2017, Woods reportedly leaned on Jenner to get through the difficult time. “It was really hard to see Jordyn go through something like that because, one, I’m just genuinely so close to her, so when she cries, I cry,” Jenner once shared.

Woods also appeared as a central figure on Jenner’s spin-off reality series Life of Kylie back in 2017. During the show’s season one finale, Jenner and Woods solidified their friendship with a commitment ceremony, after momager Kris expressed concern that the two were too codependent, as reported by Teen Vogue. Jenner told her mother that she and Woods have a “special connection.”

During the ceremony, Woods told Jenner, “I vow to always be there for you, through thick and thin. In this life and after.” To Woods, Jenner said, “I promise to encourage you, inspire you, love you, through all the good and bad times.”

Seems like the whole cheating scandal with Thompson would be one of those “bad times.” Unfortunately, we’re not so sure the pair’s friendship will make it through.

What makes the situation all the more heartbreaking — and we’re not even getting into how all this has impacted poor Khloé Kardashian — is that, about a month before Woods and Thompson reportedly had an affair, Jenner went on vacation with Woods and Stormi, and, in an Instagram post documenting their time, Jenner wrote, “Love these two more than life itself.”

We’re not crying — you’re crying!

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What’s come out about Ryan Adams

Speaking with Buzzfeed in 2014, Ryan Adams admitted to struggling with his own substance abuse issues. He said that in the mid-2000s he was “super into drugs,” but clarified, “not shooting drugs or anything like that. I sometimes liked to take some hydrocodone, or cut my line of coke, when I was drunk, with a tiny little bit of dealer-grade heroin, where it just takes the edge off.”

In early 2004, Adams injured his wrist after falling offstage. He began taking Percocet, a powerful painkiller, which he says may have actually helped him get sober. He explained, “I couldn’t do speedballs or f**king drink or do coke or go crazy, which I had been. It was like I was being spiritually protected. After that period I was so sick of the painkiller, so sick of that high, I could never really get high on that stuff again. And I started to get clean.”

Adams still used marijuana at the time of the interview, which he said helps his Ménière’s disease, an inner ear condition that can cause ear pain, vertigo and tinnitus. He denied rumors of relapsing with prescription and hard drugs after getting clean, telling Buzzfeed that his reportedly erratic behavior was the result of his illness. However, he later tweeted that he was on enough painkillers to not remember that he’d married Mandy Moore — and they tied the knot in 2009. In December 2018, Adams tweeted that he was 60 days sober.

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The most uncomfortable game achievements

Minecraft is a game that can be enjoyed by just about anyone: teens, parents, grandparents, Lego enthusiasts, and kids. But kids in particular love this sandbox game; it allows them to explore the wildest reaches of their imaginations with fairly low stakes. Even if you’re shot down by skeletons or consumed by zombies, there really is no failure when it comes to Minecraft, which makes it a comfortable game for the start of any fledgling gamer’s career.

Depending on the platform you play on, there are anywhere from 30 to 80 achievements to be found in the wide, blocky world of Minecraft. And one of the very first achievements is just a might bit inappropriate considering the seven-year-olds who obsess over the game.

“Getting Wood” in Minecraft is near unavoidable. It is typically the second achievement players recieve after cracking open their inventory. The next step is mining the materials necessary to build your empire. This means punching a couple of trees in order to, yes, get wood. Sophomoric humor? Yes, and easily the most innocent joke on this list of questionable achievements, but it would nevertheless be uncomfortable to hear youngsters proudly crow this particular achievement.

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Mario characters that have mysteriously disappeared

By this point, you know how Mario sports games work. You select your favorite Mario character (or, in some cases, a whole team of them), and then get to work playing powered-up tennis sets, rough n’ tumble soccer matches, quirk-filled baseball games, and more.

Except: that’s not how it worked in the beginning. When Mario’s surprisingly comprehensive sporting career began in earnest with Mario Golf on the Nintendo 64, there weren’t only Mario characters on the roster. Regular people could play, too. Men and women like Plum, Charlie, Sonny, Maple, and others joined Super Mario Bros. mainstays like Yoshi, Wario, and Donkey Kong on the links. Don’t count them out just because they’re newcomers, either. Every one of Mario’s non-celebrity challengers can stand toe-to-toe with the man himself. Ordinary doesn’t mean untalented, after all.

Of all of Mario Golf‘s generic cast, only Plum had a life outside of the Nintendo 64, and even then it was a brief one. She handled tutorials in Mario Golf‘s Game Boy Color spin-off, appeared as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee, and as a sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. That’s all. Plum and her comrades aren’t even spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and that game has everyone. Rough break, guys. You have our condolences.

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Rocket League’s cross-platform party update is live

The patch is here. It doesn’t have the most memorable name, being called “1.58” and all. But this latest update for Rocket League delivers something that fans of the series have been requesting for a long, long time: cross-platform parties.

According to PC Gamer, the process of partying up with someone on another platform is fairly straightforward. Starting with today’s update, every Rocket League player will have a unique RocketID, regardless of the platform they choose to play on. Players can then invite users from other platforms to their game via that RocketID, reaching across the bounds of Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Nintendo Switch Online, and Steam to create a ragtag band of rocket ballers who don’t play by the old video game rules.

You might be wondering — didn’t Rocket League have cross-play already? In a sense, yes. Players could be randomly matchmade with or against those on other platforms, but could not directly team up with them. What today’s update provides is an expansion, of sorts, that breaks down platform boundaries entirely. Thanks to this update, you can play Rocket League on your Nintendo Switch right alongside your friend who prefers PC. Or you can call for a ceasefire in the console holy war, boot up your Xbox One, and enjoy some Rocket League with your PlayStation 4 pals.

Psyonix has pushed long and hard for this, and it’s great to finally see the feature implemented across all platforms, including PlayStation 4. But we have just one more ask, and we really hope that Psyonix gives it a good, hard look.

How about shared progression across platforms?

It’s wonderful that cross-play is bringing all the platforms together in Rocket League. But there are definitely instances where players still choose to play on multiple platforms. They might play on a home console primarily, but use the Nintendo Switch on the go. Or they might use a console at home and a gaming laptop while on a trip. Fortnite learned the importance of giving players access on every platform, and ensured that purchases crossed those platform lines and were available everywhere. Doing so gives players a reason to feel invested in their progress no matter where they play, and makes it all the more likely someone will buy some digital currency and spend it.

Players almost certainly want the same Rocket League cars and swag on their PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. So come on, Psyonix. Make it happen.

Rocket League‘s 1.58 update is available right now. 

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My 600-Lb. Life’s Sean Milliken passes away at 29

My 600-Lb. Life star Sean Milliken, who was known as the reality TV series’ heaviest subject, has died days after being hospitalized.

Milliken was admitted to the hospital some time before ultimately passing away on Sunday, Feb. 17, 2019, according to a Facebook post by his father, Matt, as reported by Radar Online on Feb. 19. Apparently, Milliken’s death was the unfortunate result of complications stemming from an infection. In his post, Matt told followers, “Sean was admitted into the hospital a couple days prior, because of an infection,” adding, “Sunday he was having problems with his breathing, they were able to resuscitate him and a short time later his heart stopped.”

Calling his son as a “good man,” Matt added that his kid also had a “good heart.”

Radar Online noted that Milliken had been living alone in an apartment in Texas. He was just 29 years old.

As summarized by Us Weekly, Milliken suffered a “debilitating leg injury” while in his senior year of high school, resulting in him becoming bedridden. Presumably because of this, he gained weight, hitting the scales at at least 400 pounds. However, according to the Daily Mail, Milliken had “struggled with his weight since childhood,” particularly after his mother and father divorced, and he would eat to find comfort.

In 2016, he made an appearance on the TLC show My 600-Lb. Life. At the time, Milliken was reportedly the heaviest person to ever be on the show, weighing in at 900 pounds, according to Radar Online. He was only on one episode on the fourth season of the series (via Hollywood Life), and, during the program, revealed that he couldn’t remain standing for over 30 seconds. “Every day I wake up I have to face the reality of what my life has become. I am so big now; I can hardly move,” he said on the show (via the Daily Mail), stating, “I can get up, but I can only walk a few steps, so I just stay here in this bed no matter what.”

After his time on the series, he reportedly relocated to Houston, Texas from Cameron Park, Calif. in an effort to “qualify” for a weight loss surgery. Regarding the then-future move, Milliken admitted to the My 600-Lb. Life cameras that he was “not 100 percent certain this is the right decision to make.” Describing himself as “extremely nervous,” he explained, “It’s going to take anywhere from 30 to 40 hours to drive there. I’m very worried about that. If I fall, we won’t be near the hospital for people to pick me up.”

Despite her own worries about her son’s big life decision, Milliken’s mother, who has since passed away, believed he was doing what was best. “He needs to experience life,” she stated. “That’s what I hope comes out of all this.” As noted by TMZ, it’s not publicly known if Milliken ever did have the weight loss surgery for which he’d moved.

Speaking to Radar Online, Milliken’s friend Ashley Boone shared that he would forever be thought of as a “special guy.” She shared, “He was definitely a loner and kept to himself but once you knew him he opened up and showed his witty side,” adding, “He was extremely funny, artistic and kind.”

To Radar Online, Boone also opened up about Milliken’s health, revealing that he was greatly affected by his mother’s death. “I think it changed him because he had to become independent which he’d never been before,” she explained, noting that he’d been in a wheelchair. She added that Milliken depended on social security checks to pay for his living arrangements.

As noted by the Daily Mail, Milliken’s mother once told My 600-Lb. Life that her son needed to be “taken care of from head to toe.” Because of his inability to care for himself and to get his weight under control, Milliken said on My 600-Lb. Life that he worried he wouldn’t be able to live past 30 years old. “All I want is out, and I never really thought my life would end up like this,” he said.

In his Facebook post announcing Milliken’s passing, his father, Matt, said that his son “lost the battle” he’d been fighting with his weight, but “is now free to be with his mom, Renee M. Milliken” (via Radar Online).

He went on, “They are both at peace now; in my mind a lot better place without the struggles we have with our bodies on earth!”

Our thoughts are with Sean Milliken’s loved ones during this difficult time.

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Overwatch just got a Paris map


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Sure, all the kids are hot on Apex Legends right now. But that doesn’t mean other shooters have shrugged their shoulders and shut down. Overwatch, for instance, just added a brand new Paris map. And it has just about everything you’d expect a Paris map to have.

In this new Overwatch location, which is tailor-made for the Assault game mode, you’ll find cabarets. You’ll see small cafes. You’ll discover an upscale shopping district. And yes, you will see the Eiffel Tower, standing tall above the Seine, flanked by a number of hot air balloons. It’s not an authentic one-to-one recreation of Paris — that’s not always conducive to good gameplay — but Blizzard has captured enough here to do the city justice.

Interestingly enough, the Daily Star got to talk to Blizzard about the development of the map, and just how much work went into getting everything right. For example, Blizzard sent someone to record audio outside of the Louvre for the map’s ambient background noise. One designer “spent like a week in Paris in Google Maps” in order to get a feel for the city’s layout and how the Paris map might recreate some of it in Overwatch. The result is something that isn’t quite the real thing, but still feels true — right down to the inclusion of the Seine.

“Having the river run through was a design decision I wanted in there early,” said Michael McInerney, an Overwatch level designer. “We’re always representing these small little areas that you can fight in but making the world feel bigger. As a designer we have a few options. It’s like I can put a wall up here and say no you can’t go here, but since none of the characters in Overwatch can swim, we can put the river there and the map opens up because of that.”

The Paris map spent some time on test servers, but it’s now available today for everyone on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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Here is what’s coming in Anthem’s day one patch


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Anthem is out for some people — a fact we’ve already covered in great detail — but for many, Feb 22. is the official launch date. And you may have noticed that reviews have been scarce for this game. Why is that? It’s because a massive patch is set for the official “day one” launch. And that patch will fix a lot of issues within Anthem.

Before you get to jump into Anthem this Friday, you’ll have to download an update to apply fixes for the game, because, as it turns out, problems exist in Anthem‘s early release across the board, whether they effect the user interface or the game’s Stronghold end-game content. You can find a more detailed list here, thanks to Redditor devindotcom. But below, we’ll hit on some of the bigger issues the game is facing.

Much like Anthem‘s private VIP demo, loading times are a major concern right now — particularly those that never end. That’ll get patched up. It seems challenges in the game area also not tracking the way they should be. Crashes have become a semi-regular occurrence for some players. Unlocking an additional Javelin after your first can freeze the game. Enemy snipers are able to penetrate the Storm Shield. Beating the final boss in a Stronghold would cause a server crash. The UI would sometimes show players that they had an ultimate when they actually didn’t.

All of these problems — and so many more — will get the patch treatment before Anthem is available to the world at large. Looking at the small sample of issues above, you can see why some outlets have decided to sit on their reviews until the full retail release takes place and the patch drops. It appears that Anthem will be a different (and hopefully less buggy) game once the update is complete.

Anthem launches for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on Friday, Feb. 22. You can play early, of course, if you subscribe to EA or Origin Access. But judging by the state the game is currently in, you might want to wait.

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