Strange things about Alec Baldwin’s marriage

Perhaps Alec Baldwin doesn’t have much game when it comes to flirting, but his creepy tactic worked on Hilaria Thomas Baldwin when he approached her at a New York City restaurant in 2011. Hilaria told Hello! magazine, “Alec kept looking over at me the whole time.” 

When he finally got up to leave the restaurant, he reportedly walked over to her, took her hand, and repeatedly asked her, “Who are you, who are you?'” If you’re feeling a bit skeeved out, you’re not alone, but to the one person who matters, the move was a good one. Hilaria said she “fell in love with him very quickly and very easily.” Growing up without a television meant she was only “vaguely familiar” with who he was. We’re guessing she’s not a fan of the internet, either. Otherwise, she may have run for the hills after catching up on his past legal issues and drug addiction. He told ABC News he stopped drinking in 1985, and Hilaria was obviously able to accept him, proverbial warts and all. 

Let’s recap: His past is marred with drama and his flirting skills are poop. Either way, he hooked Hilaria, so kudos to the happy couple.

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