The most extreme gun violence in video games

Resident Evil 7 makes an appearance in this roundup even though guns aren’t as prevalent as they are in, say, GTA. Like the RE games of yore, ammunition is extremely hard to come by in this installment, which means you’re only pulling out your firearm when you desperately need to neutralize a threat. And since a threat could lurk right up around the next corner, or could burst through the door when you’re least expecting it, RE7 leaves you feeling constantly on edge.

It’s this feeling, along with the eeriness of the setting and the weapons you have at your disposal, that makes Resident Evil such a violent game. Whether you’re using a pistol, a shotgun, or a flamethrower, you’re often firing away in a panicked state after being happened upon by an enemy. And once you’ve shot your way through your target or burned them into a still-smoldering heap, you’re left alone with a corpse, the quiet, and an opportunity to absorb what just occurred.

Gun violence in games doesn’t always come in the form of a large-scale shootout. Sometimes it happens before you realize what you’ve done.

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