The untold truth of Bhad Bhabie

Bregoli wasn’t always the hardened, troubled teen throwing drinks on Iggy Azalea and being escorted out of A-list parties by security. When her mom, Barbara, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, Bregoli spent time supporting her throughout 36 weeks of chemotherapy. In 2009, The Palm Beach Post (via the Journal-News) published a Mother’s Day feature that outlined how Brigoli took care of her mama. The star reportedly “made friends with nurses and learned about the disease.” She held her mother’s hair and rubbed her back when the chemo made her vomit. She even rubbed aloe on her chest to “soothe the pain of radiation.” By all accounts, Bregoli was a rock for her mom, who was overwhelmed with running a household while battling cancer.

“I’m everything. I pay the bills, I fix the house,” Barbara said (via the Journal-News). “Some days you want to crawl in a hole. I say, ‘Oh my God, this is so overwhelming.’ When I hear married people say, ‘I do it all by myself,’ I get annoyed. They’ve still got a husband. It’s just me and her.”

According to The New York Times, Bregoli started sleeping in her mother’s bed throughout her breast cancer treatment and has continued to do so. Good news: Barbara reportedly went into remission less than a year after being diagnosed.

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