The untold truth of Candace Owens

Part of being a popular right-wing personality is to deny climate change. On a 2018 episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Candace Owens and Joe Rogan got into a heated argument over climate change. Despite Rogan providing Owens detailed evidence and statements from scientific journals on how humans are exacerbating climate change, Owens refused to change her mind.

Her reason for not believing in climate change is due to “they way it was presented to us” by liberal politicians. Rogan showed her a survey reported by Scientific American, and she replied, “What website is this? [Scientific American] .com though? That means it’s making money. I don’t trust that. If it was a .org, I would probably take that, but this is just a random website.” After Rogan explained that it wasn’t a “just a random website,” Owens replied, “I don’t believe this, like, at all, just so you know. I genuinely don’t believe it.”

Owens said she can’t bring herself to believe the consensus of the scientific community because “global warming has … become so politicized.” Rogan agreed, but made the point that’s why she feels the need to push back on scientific data. “It’s an ideological right-wing point,” Rogan said, “that global warming isn’t real.” Finally, Owens said she has “a right to say [she doesn’t] believe in something that [she doesn’t] know.” Okay then. 

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