The untold truth of Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves started out a little scant. Just about anyone who played the game will admit as much, and Rare might, as well. It launched as so many games-as-services do: with the promise that it would be a living, breathing product that improved over time, adding new ways to play and new content to explore.

And to Sea of Thieves‘ credit, it delivered as much, and perhaps did more than other games typically do. In 2018 alone, the game added four expansions. And they were all free.

Things kicked off in the summer of 2018 with The Hungering Deep, which wasn’t all that substantial in the grand scheme. It introduced a small campaign, some new cosmetics, and added a large new creature to the game’s dangerous waters. But it didn’t stop there. Cursed Sails came a short time later, and added a new threat in AI-controlled skeleton ships and whole bunch of new world activities and rewards. Forsaken Shores arrived in September 2018 to offer the largest expansion to date, with another story campaign, a whole new map area to visit, cargo runs (a new type of mission), and another ship for sailing the seas. And finally, Shrouded Spoils came later in the fall with more ways for players to customize their ships, more end-game content, and more loot.

And Rare still isn’t done. More is on the way.

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