The untold truth of To Catch a Cheater

One of the hallmarks of To Catch a Cheater is Mercado’s awkward host persona. Delivering lines that oddly range from bro-isms to sincerity, Mercado puts in a performance on par with an adult film actor in the scenes where they’re still fully dressed. Don’t get us wrong, that’s not an insult — for what could possibly be the ultimate satire of “gotcha” reality shows, Mercado’s performance might be the most brilliant thing about it. And there’s a reason for that.

When he’s not setting up an allegedly pregnant Mexican maid to cheat with a customer (Yep, actual episode), Mercado can be found on the sets of movies, TV shows, and commercials. That’s right, he’s a SAG card-carrying actor whose resumé boasts roles such as “Maverick” in the feature film Sweet Harasser, and the lead role on the infomercial Hollywood Lawyers.  

He’s also done work for several big ad campaigns, including Coca-Cola, Modelo, Tempur-Pedic, Amtrak, Adidas, and more. Speaking with The Boss Mann Magazine, Mercado attributed his entrepreneurship and his “acting skill experience” as the reason for the success of To Catch a Cheater. “It takes about 5-10 years to become an overnight success,” he told the mag. Well, that and a video that goes viral to the tune of 10 million views.

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