Things the PS5 needs to avoid

We’ve been banging on about the end of consoles for multiple generations now, but there are a few options to make devices like the PS5 relevant well beyond their first few years on the shelf. One option would be to avoid creating a console that is locked in to its tech specifications.

We’ve seen it work with gaming PCs; people are more willing to shell out a lot of cash on the initial buy because they can then spend smaller amounts on upgrading it as they need to over a series of years. There’s never been that luxury for console gamers. Eventually, they become irrelevant, or a newer version comes out that offers something fans want. It’s a frustrating experience.

The PS5 could completely change the game for the console industry by offering an upgradable service. As technology gets better, Sony could offer updates to specific parts of the console, like video cards and RAM in gaming computers. This would also free the PS5 from the life cycles we typically expect from consoles, allowing it to become the first truly multi-generational console ever made.

Even if Sony doesn’t want to go all the way down that particular road, though, it would be nice for the PS5 to avoid having all of its hardware locked in for its entire existence. Even upgrading something like its fan system would be a nice luxury to have, especially given the pedigree of Sony’s cooling systems thus far.

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