This GEICO caveman is gorgeous in real life

After John and Jennifer Lehr tied the knot in the early 2000s, the couple welcomed two kiddos into the world, daughter Jules (born in 2006) and son Hudson (born in 2008) (via People). While opening up about fatherhood in 2010, the proud dad jokingly told Macaroni Kid, “I am constantly stunned that I have parented them well enough to keep them alive this long.” However, it turns out his training in comedy has come in handy, as he added, “I love the look of delight on my kids’ faces when I deliver ‘Chim Chimney’ in my over-the-top cockney accent.” Talk about #DadGoals.

As for married life, the Lehrs seem to share a perfect union — but it took years of hard work to foster that connection. “We went to two and a half years of couple’s therapy before we got married,” Jennifer Lehr told in 2006. “I love that we did that. We were really miserable and yet, we stuck it out and did the work.” However, it sounds like it was well worth the effort. She added, “Now I feel like we are one of the, if not the, happiest couples I know, in terms of a relationship.”

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