What you may not know about Anthony Bourdain

When he wasn’t traveling more than 200 days per year for his CNN hosting duties, Bourdain would spend quality time with his daughter, Ariane, from his second marriage to ex-wife, Ottavia Busia (pictured). Bourdain even co-wrote a cookbook in 2016 titled Appetites: A Cookbook, which featured all of the meals he enjoyed preparing for Ariane.

During an interview with The Takeout, Bourdain said his daughter was a “very harsh critic,” despite how much he loved whipping up her favorite dishes. “You know, I put a tiny tiny little bit of nutmeg in my macaroni and cheese and she did not enjoy that. She called me on it right away,” he said. According to Bourdain, Ariane has a “very acute palate” and could immediately tell if he happened to “over-salt something.”

“If there’s any variance between a dish that she liked last time and how it’s done today she’ll be like, ‘Nah, not eating it, there’s too much pepper in that,'” Bourdain said. 

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