Whatever happened to Ted Bundy’s daughter?

Rose Bundy isn’t Carole Ann Boone’s only child. She also has a son named James from a previous marriage. According to The Only Living Witness: The True Story of Serial Sex Killer Ted Bundy, part of what made Boone so vulnerable to Ted Bundy’s charms was Boone’s life circumstances when she met the serial killer at work (Yep, the pair were co-workers). Her beloved uncle had just passed away, and Boone had recently divorced her second husband. She was reportedly in a “messy affair with a ‘large, unpleasant man'” (though, there’s probably no way he was more unpleasant than an actual murderer) and was raising James on her own. Basically, it was a perfect recipe for vulnerability — especially because Bundy was reportedly sensitive to Boone’s emotional issues.

Though we don’t know if James was ever around Ted Bundy as a child, we do know he visited the serial killer. According to PeopleJames became a Methodist minister and visited his former stepfather the day before his execution. Today, it’s unclear where James is, if he has a relationship with his half-sister, or if he’s hiding behind a pseudonym isolated from his family entirely. 

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